Industry Overview

Education consulting belongs to the Tutoring & Educational Support sector, which mainly
provides non-instructional support services to the education industry. Informative research
facilities and educational consultants are the two primary divisions of this sector. It is
important to note that computer software designers who create educational support
software are not affiliated with the organization. The continuity of college enrolment of
international students is expanding every year with high demand of students from various
college and universities around the world.
Education support industry is mainly support of three main segments: educational testing
providers, educational consultants, and student-exchange program providers. All three
segments have been differential according to the growth ratio as the industry accounts for
largest share of revenue growth.

Executive summary

Gyan Career Institute is a registered and licensed education consulting organisation under
ministry of education in Pokhara Nepal. The company is committed to provide all aspects of
service regarding education such as: selection of college according to the background of
students, educational consulting services, appropriate guidance from first step of application,
educational support and testing services and facilitating students exchange programmes.
The demanding nature of education system could be challenging and tough, but we are eager
to invite the challenge as our well trained and certified instructor are there to perform well.
We proudly call ourselves as client oriented and focused consultants and are devoted to
surpass the expectations of clients and students whenever they hire our service.
We are well driven by our ethics and values and prioritize the interest of the clients before
providing any solutions. We believe in sustainability in both personal and professional path
and has planned accordingly. We have an extraordinary team lead by Mrs Akriza Pokhrel who
has manifold of experience in this field. Miss Pokhrel is a demanding person so is the company
which could be the reason for our clients to trust us.

Our mission and vission

Our mission is to develop an educational consulting brand that will be the first option for both
individual students and corporate clients in Pokhara, Nepal. Our ideals of honesty, service, innovation, and teamwork are reflected in our vision.To match the student’s abilities, performance, and desire with the best career options.To maintain strong accessibility and relations to other institutions by understanding designed
values and goals. To provide every student a life changing educational experience and support in every steps.

Our business structure.
Our office is located at heart of Pokhara City with well facilitated transportation which is easily
accessible. Sticking with our first aim i.e., positive result, which is why we have hired
competent, professional, honest, and hard-working employees who are ready to help us build
a prosperous business which will support the owners, students, agents, and their parents.
Profit-sharing arrangements will be made available to all our senior management employees,
depending on how quickly we achieve our set goal. As a result, we have chosen to recruit
trained and experienced individuals to fill the following positions:
 Chief executive officer
 Education consultants
 Accountant
 Customer care/ Front desk officer

Job responsibilities

Chief executive officer
CEO operates business to make more effective and hires, identifies, orients, teaches,
coaches, counsels, and discipline managers. They work closely monitoring the
objectives, assigns accountabilities; prepares, tracks, and appraises job results. A CEO
creates an atmosphere for offering insight and opinions; and provides educational
opportunities. Deals according to the vision and mission of organisation and is responsible for setting
prices and signing business deals.
 Provides correct dimension and direction for business.
 Evaluates the success of organisation and explains further projects.
Education consultants
 Responsible for providing appropriate information regarding abroad study and
current trends.
 Responsible for selecting college and universities according to the interest of students
and academic’s portfolio.
 Responsible for organising educational fairs and seminars.
 Facilitate and discuss with the students and parents about their options and
possibilities in aboard study.
 Providing full guidance under processing for study permit and further enhancement.
 Responsible for directing and managing financial system and policies.
 Responsible for financial forecasting and current analysis.
 Prepares monetary reports, budgets, and statement of organisation.
 Ensures proper taxation legislation and registration of company.
 Administers payrolls of all employees and directs to their account.
 Prepares income statement, profit and loss account and balance sheet.
 Assists managers with financial analysis, development budgets and accounting
Customer care/ Front desk officer
 Welcomes students, clients and their parents and assists them according to their
inquiry by person, telephone, or email.
 Gives brief information about current trend and possibilities before handling to
education consultants.
 Stays updated by surfing on internet, social media, and other news platforms.
 Helps to connects students and clients to senior advisors.
 Distributes mails and parcels in the organisation.
 Handles specific duties assigned by managers and senior consultants.

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