Gyan Career Institute is a registered and licensed education consulting organization under the ministry of education in Pokhara Nepal. The company is committed to providing all aspects of service regarding education such as selection of college according to the background of students, educational consulting services, appropriate guidance from the first step of application, educational support and testing services, and facilitating students exchange programs. The demanding nature of the education system could be challenging and tough, but we are eager to invite the challenge as our well-trained and certified instructors are there to perform well. We proudly call ourselves client-oriented and focused consultants and are devoted to surpassing the expectations of clients and students whenever they hire our service. We are well driven by our ethics and values and prioritize the interest of the clients before providing any solutions. We believe in sustainability in both personal and professional path and has planned accordingly. We have an extraordinary team led by Mrs. Akriza Pokhrel who has a manifold of experience in this field. Miss Pokhrel is a demanding person so is the company which could be the reason for our clients to trust us.

message from Director

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Gyan Career Institute. I am Akriza Pokhrel , President and Chief Executive Officer.

The values we share are embodied in what goes on Institute from day to  day. Team members must exhibit ethical and honest behavior, and Gyan Career Institute must offer fair, equal conduct in a safe, healthy workplace. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision-making and effective strategies flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.

I have always believed that when it comes to defining and communicating a corporation’s vision and goals, conciseness is a virtue.

Our mission is to develop an educational consulting brand that will be the first option for both individual students and corporate clients in Pokhara, Nepal. Our ideals of honesty, service, innovation, and teamwork are reflected in our vision. To match the student’s abilities, performance, and desire with the best career options. To maintain strong accessibility and relations to other institutions by understanding designed values and goals. To provide every student a life-changing educational experience and support in every step.

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